V-1 Klaus von Mayhaus


'94 Canadian Sieger, Multi V-1, Klaus vom Mayhaus, SchH1, ZtP, Bh, CGC, RTD, is loved and owned by Jennifer and Eric Snyder of Morgenstern Rottweilers in Vacaville, California.

Klaus won the 1994 National Sieger Show in Canada under the Head ADRK Judge, Helmut Frieburg, and is also a Sieger with the United States Rottweiler Club.

Klaus has OFA certified "Good" hips, OFA certified elbows, tested clear of "VWD", and his thyroid is normal. He is multi-V rated, which is the highest rating given to a dog at a Sieger (German style) show. He has earned his ZtP, an abbreviation for Zuchttauglichkeitsprüfungsbericht, which means "breed stability test" in German. The Germans have used this test for decades as a foundation for maintaining the Rottweiler in type and temperament. Before any Rottweiler can be bred in Germany, it must have passed the ZtP. Klaus passed his ZtP at the very young age of two.

Klaus has also earned his Begleithunde title, or "BH", this is the German title for the Companion and Traffic Sureness Dog. This is an obedience title required for the ZtP and before the Schutzhund title, proving that the dog has a stable temperament.

Klaus has also earned his Canine Good Citizen title, a test given by AKC to prove a dog is a "well-behaved citizen". He is also a Registered Therapy Dog and actively visits schools and convalescent homes for socialization with the public.

Klaus completed his SchHI in April of 1994, at the age of two years old. He comes from a family of top working and conformation dogs. Klaus has exceptionally dark eyes, mouth pigment, and very dark and rich mahogany markings. He has an excellent temperament with lots of drive, and he loves people and children.

Klaus doing therapy work with the kids
Klaus doing therapy work with the kids

Some of Klaus's accomplishments include:

V-1 1994 Canadian National Sieger Show
AKDR Head Judge Helmut Freiburg

V-1 USRC Regional Show
FCI Judge Jean Vandereyken

V-1 Nor Cal Rottweiler Performance Club Show
ARV Judge Joe Hedl

V-1 ARV Northwest Regional Show
ARV Judge Maureen Wilkinson

V-3 ARV Southwest Regional Show
Retired ADRK Judge Georg Erchinger

V 1993 USRC National
FCI Judge Carla Lensi

V 1994 USRC National
FCI Judge Erich Königsberger

ZtP 1993 - ADRK Breed Warden, Willi Hedtke
"Very High" fighting drive.

Klaus is 11 times V-rated. He is producing puppies with strong working ability
along with beautiful conformation for show or working homes.

Dean Caldrone working Klaus


ADRK 68696, HD +/-, BH, ZTP, SchH3, VCCX

ADRK 59012, HD-frei, SchH3, FH, AD, gekört bis EZA
ADRK 52899, HD-frei, SchH3, FH, AD, gekört bis EZA
ADRK 54806, HD-frei, SchH3, FH
ADRK 55661, HD-frei
ADRK 50406, HD-frei, SchH3, gekört bis EZA
ADRK 52341, HD-frei
V-rated, ADRK 74569, OFA25E

ADRK 66199, HD-frei, SchH3, FH, AD, ZTP, IPO3, gekört bis EZA
ADRK 52558, HD-frei, SchH3, FH
ADRK 64332, HD-frei, SchH1
ADRK 66988, HD-frei, SchH1, ZTP
BS´85, ADRK 60329, SchH3, FH, AD, IPO3, gekört bis EZA
ADRK 62049, SchH1, AD

Klaus's German Show Critiques, most recent shown first:

JUDGE: Georg Erchinger
Date: June 11, 1995
LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois
CLUB: Landescruppe Chicago 1995
German Style Rottweiler Show
RATING: V-3 (Siegerklasse)
CRITIQUE: Very large, excellent in breed type, with very good bone strength. High attentivness, self confident, friendly dog. Strong head, very good stop, short full muzzle, deep dark set eyes, dark mouth and lip pigment, small high set ears carried correctly, very good top and bottom lines, good chest development, straight front, feet are tight and strong. Very good front and rear angulation, with a strong rear, dry deep set muscles. Dark markings should be a little clearer on muzzle and chest, excellent coat. Very good reach and drive in rear, scissors bite.

JUDGE: Joseph Hedl
Date: October 9, 1994
LOCATION: Fairfield, California
CLUB: American Rottweiler Verein
CRITIQUE: Large. Massive. Dog with a lot of presence. Alert and spirited. Good bone substance. Good masculine head. Medium sized ears carried correctly. Beautiful dark eye. Sufficient mouth pigment. Straight front. Excellent depth and width of chest. Good shoulder and rear angulation. Beautiful neck, top and bottom lines. Coat and markings are beautiful, but should be clearer on the chest and muzzle. Good reach and drive. Scissors bite.

JUDGE: Willi Hedtke
Date: October 16, 1993
LOCATION: British Columbia, Canada
CLUB: Fraser Valley Rottweiler Club,
B. C., Canada
CRITIQUE: Large, strong bone, and substantial, strong very well formed head, the flews and mouth pigment is dark. Medium ears correctly carried and set. Short and broad muzzle, correctly formed chest, correct shoulders, straight front, well knuckled up feet, tight and straight back, well muscled rear, strong angulation, correctly angulated and placed, short coat, brown markings, should be clearer and more defined on the flews and on the chest, slightly sloping croup, free flowing and far reaching in the movement, scissors bite. No reaction to gunfire. Breedable. Very high fighting drive. High self-confidence, spirit, manageability, courage, protection drive, fearlessness, attentiveness, and hardness. Middle excitement threshold. Low suspicion.

JUDGE: Maureen Wilkinson
Date: August 1, 1993
LOCATION: Orangevale, California
CLUB: American Rottweiler Verein
RATING: V-2 (Open Class)
CRITIQUE: Large male with excellent bone substance and of excellent type. Strong male head. Dark brown eyes, correctly carried ears, very good mouth pigmentation, excellent neck, excellent shoulders, straight correct front, excellent top line and under line. Very good rear angulation, excellent coat, lacks mahogany markings on the face, and somewhat smudgy on the feet. Otherwise, markings are correct. A male of excellent quality. Very good movement, full dentition, scissor bite.

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