Our main concern is to find the best possible homes for these puppies. One must think of it as an adoption. You are purchasing a member of your family. The puppy should be as important to you as every other member of your family. If it is naughty, train him. If it is good, praise him, but most important, if he is going to be in the way or you cannot spend sufficient time with him, don't buy him. This is a commitment for the life of the dog.

Your puppy will need a stable environment and basic training. Please do not take your Rottweiler puppy anywhere (except to a veterinarian) until he is at least four months old. Rottweilers are very susceptible to the Parvo Virus. Parvo Virus is a deady virus and has been proven to survive in an environment for many years. You may not even know your puppy has picked up the virus until it is too late. Please carry your puppy at the veterinarian's office whenever possible and do not let it come in contact where other dogs have touched, as the veterinarian office is a very likely place to be exposed to the virus.

Your puppy must be vaccinated by a veterinarian every three to four weeks with a DHLPP (Parvo), up to four months old, and a final one at five months. Your dog will then need to be vaccinated every year thereafter.

We recommend a preliminary x-ray of your dogs hips without anesthetic at approximately one year of age, especially if you will be showing and/or possibly planning to breed your dog. It is unethical for you to breed your dog until the age of two, and should be OFA'ed, and free of any disqualifying faults. By breeding your dog, you are contributing to the gene pool of the Rottweiler breed, it is therefore imperative you breed for quality and with the goal to improve the breed, and not just for "the fun of it" or to see what having puppies is like.

We also recommend you do not let your puppy jump from or to high areas (such as truck beds), or let it run excessively on hard surfaces, (concrete or asphalt) as this puts a great strain on the puppy's developing bone structure. By letting your puppy participate in these actions, the structure of his hip and elbows can deteriorate, and can possibly hinder the certification of OFA at two years of age. Once the dog is mature and has passed OFA the bone structure will not be as fragile and activity can be increased.

You should purchase a #500 Vari-Kennel so your dog has a "home" of his own. It is suggested that you keep your dog in the kennel whenever left alone or unsupervised. Rottweilers can be destructive dogs when unsupervised, especially during their adolescent period. Please be patient and understanding towards them, they do grow out of it.

Your Morgenstern puppy will more than likely be a slow maturing dog. You will see many changes in development and should be close to maturity at about two years of age. Other Rottweilers may mature more quickly than yours, but quick growth can cause health problems and a short life span.

You should feed your puppy a high quality puppy food, such as Nutro-Max or Eukanuba for approximately the first six months of his life. He should be fed an adult high quality dog food thereafter. High quality food can only be purchased from feed/pet stores or a veterinarian. Supermarket food is low in nutrition and quality. The purchasing of supermarket dog food is not recommended as this type of food will not provide sufficient nutrition, which can cause health problems later in life.

A subscription to the Rottweiler Quarterly is strongly recommended, which is a very informative Rottweiler magazine. To contact them, call 408-728-8461, and please tell them you were referred by Jennifer Snyder.

Jennifer will be more than happy to help anyone interested in showing or training any of our puppies. It is very important to promote our offspring. We are willing to either help you with your puppy or handle it for you at shows.

Showing and training your Rottweiler can be a very exciting and rewarding sport or hobby. Your Rottweiler will provide you with many years of joy and companionship.

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